Friday, 6 April 2012

TF2 Trading

Time for another post about Team Fortress 2.

This blog post will be some simple tips and tricks on trading.


Scrap Banking:

Buying whilst prices are low and selling while they are high isn't the only way to make money in Team Fortress 2. A good way people make money that is low risk is scrap banking. What you need to do is first buy any two random weapons for a scrap until you a a fair amount. Then you advertise that you're selling weapons for a scrap each. Rinse and repeat. Although you can do this on a regular server it's probably better to go on to a trade server.


When you're on a trade server, copy the trade message (that can look something like this "-Trading Lots of Weapons -- Trade Me-") and paste it in the chat.
A lot of servers offer a back pack feature. This is when you can type in "!bp theirnamehere" and it will show what items that they have in their inventory. This is a good way of advertising a large amount of items is by sorting all the items you're selling onto one page and advertise in a trade server as "**Selling all my items on page 5 of my backpack - BP Me**".

My favorite TF2 trade website would have to be Although you have to sign in with your steam login, it is via the official steam website so no need to worry, the website itself will never handle your steam login information. You can browse the recent trades and see if there is any good deals (what is in their wishlist is the items they are looking for) or you can propose a trade. The website itself is fairly intuitive and you should pick it up in no time.

The best TF2 website how ever I would say would have to be the TF2 Spreadsheet. It shows the average price for almost all the items in TF2. If you are getting in to trading, this website is your new best friend. It will help you decide what to price your items at and show you if someone is selling cheap.

General Tips

Don't be afraid to offer on trades, the worst they can do is refuse it
Persevere through trading, the harder you try, the more you can make
Be Nice To Who You Are Trading
And of course:

Have Fun, this is only a game

As always, any questions or comments, don't be afraid to leave them.


  1. If you're in a server with them, go to items, trading, them from current server

  2. it is possible to sell stuff for real money?

    1. Yeah, people use paypal to buy Unusual Hats. One guy sold his unusual for $2,500