Thursday, 5 April 2012

N0tch's New Project




So N0tch has announced his new project titled "0x10c". It has only been in development for literally two days but N0tch plans to do as he did with Minecraft and release its early early stages and let the community have a heavy influence on its progression. Something I don't really agree upon is that for online play you would have to play monthly which seems to be a bit greedy and hopefully by the end of development it will be a one off payment (although I doubt it).

The premise of the story is that during the space race there was an error in the computers that controlled how long they were induced in to sleep for. They eventually woke up after trillions (yes, trillions) of years. I am going to guess this will be a procedurally generated universe complete with planets, black-holes, etc. Personally I am liking this idea, it has lots of potential.

Judging by the brief description N0tch has given, I would say a key feature in the space exploration game would be a 1980's style computer that is fully functional where you can use it as if it was a real computer. With Minecraft, you could have two values with redstone, on and off, and people have made some absolutely amazing creations. But if we start with a fully functioning computer the creations could be extraordinary.

So I am looking forward to see how this game will turn out.

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  1. He's been tweeting about this a lot recently. I wonder how complex the use of the computer will be. If I recall correctly, he suggested we might have to program its software...

  2. Yeah I read this today too. If it's anything like the other two (exc. Minecraft) Mojang games, I will not be playing it simply because I don't like the style of play.

  3. sounds cool, but i heard it'll have a monthly sub fee... which seems like a horrible idea

  4. You have me really excited good sir.