Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Minecraft With a Twist

Superflat Survival

Recently I have been a little bored of the ol' Minecraft so I asked my friends for any suggestions on what to do. One of them suggest quite an interesting idea of playing survival on flatland. At first I didn't think you would be able to play properly, but as a group we eventually figured out how to make ourselves sustainable.

Step 1:

First, under 'More World Options' change world type to 'Superflat' and make sure Generate Structures is on

Step 2:

Then walk until you find a village

And then you 'pillage' the blacksmith

Then take some wood, wheat and torches.

Then walk until you find another village

(Tip: You may need to make a make-shift house underground with a bed and torch to sleep through the night)

Step 3:

Repeat Step 3 until you have at least 12 Obsidian (for a nether portal&Enchantment Table), lots of iron (just for general use), flint from the gravel roads (to make flint and steel), some saplings, a bucket of water&lava (for a cobble generator and 2 Diamond (also for the enchantment table).

Step 4:

When you think you are prepared to set up shop, wall off an area where you can build a farm and a forest.

Step 5:

Make a cobble generator underground with your bed and storage

Step 6:

Progress however you want. The preceding steps are just a good guideline that worked well for me.

Some Tips:
 - Beware of slimes, they're everywhere
- Setup near a village with a Iron Golem  for a better supply of iron
- You can make torches yourself by burning wood to make charcoal and use that as a coal substitute
- Don't forget to have fun!

Any questions or comments don't be afraid to leave them. Good-luck and have fun.


  1. Not a bad strategy. But where should this obsidian be coming from in step 3?

    1. You find it in the chests you find in the blacksmiths

    2. You could also make some by pouring water over still lava

  2. Sounds like a good plan, I haven't played Minecraft in a while...