Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac is an independent game developed by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsll. I try to support game development companies when their content is good, especially when the content is from an indie company.

The game play is a mix of several different genres such as rogue, action and  dungeon crawling. You start off on one floor viewing yourself from a birds eye perspective and using your tears as your projectiles (yes, tears) to kill off steadily more difficult enemies. The combat style is called 'Twin Joystick Shooter" where you can move up/down/left/right (with the WASD) and shoot in the same directions (with the arrow keys). You have several areas to navigate through until you find the boss. Once defeated, you go to the next floor down until you have completed the game. Each stage is randomly generated so it doesn't really get repetitive.
One of the features I really enjoy that make this game tough as nails is that when you die, you have to start over. This is common in most rogue-likes and although you may think of of this as a drawback, it's definitely not.

The same art designer who helped on Super Meatboy worked on The Binding of Isaac. Both cartoony and dark the animation is very impressive indeed and is probably one of the better features.

The sound is pretty good but the music is great. It's haunting and chilling

Overall I would really recommend this game, it's well worth the purchase.

You can purchase it here

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  1. Been meaning to get this game. I know that it's probably not going to be as challenging as Meat Boy, but it still looks like a blast to play.